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Diploma Course — social media testimonials

Clare Longstaffe, Hypnotherapist I trained with Paul and Karen for both my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy. The first diploma gave me a solid grounding in Hypnotherapy and NLP because it was thorough, very well resourced and included a lot of practical work. From there, I was able to confidently develop my skills within my own Hypnotherapy practice. I received excellent advice and support from Karen and Paul through supervision, their encouragement for me to think creatively about issues, ultimately leading me to complete their Advanced diploma. Karen and Paul have a down to earth, friendly approach and are experts in their field. Their work is infused with professional integrity and I can thoroughly recommend their courses to those interested in this path. — Clare Longstaffe

Sarah Rogers, hypnotherapistThis course is amazing! Karen is a master in this field with a world of knowledge and experience. She is calm, kind and very passionate about what she does. She only accepts the highest of standards from her students and genuinely strives to produce only the best quality therapists. The course manual written by her and Paul is an exceptional piece of work. This is a course that actually teaches you in a practical sense- this is how to do it, how to be a therapist and is not just theory. I learned more in this course about the human mind that I did in 3 years of studying Psychology at university. This course has given me not only the skills to be a hypnotherapist but the therapeutic practice we did on ourselves and each other in class has been of tremendous personal benefit to me. I have overcome many fears, gained a huge amount of personal confidence, am more relaxed and able to see things in their true perspective. — Sarah Rogers

Ian Demack, HypnotherapistThere was an additional bonus which I hadn’t anticipated at the start: Karen won’t let you get away with anything less than your best! There were times when she pushed me for a more thoughtful answer, a more client-centred response. I really appreciate the effort she made, because it will make a real difference in the long run—not just to my abilities as a hypnotherapist, but more importantly to the clients I have yet to meet! — Ian Demack

Martina McKeough, HypnotherapistKaren is very experienced, highly professional and committed to her students and supervisees, as well as to the hypnotherapy profession in general. […] Her Academy of Advanced Changework training diploma, run in conjunction with Dr Paul Peace, is engaging, stimulating and of the highest standard both academically and ethically. Apart from being extremely knowledgeable and able to teach effectively and inspire confidence, Karen is very caring, supportive and approachable. She was my first choice as Supervisor when my diploma course finished. — Linda Flanigan

Mark Clutton, HypnotherapistThe scope and depth of the training provided by Karen + Paul, is second to none. […] During training and providing continuing professional supervision, they are always willing to help, advise, and develop you as both an individual and as a therapist. 
I think they are second to none in all aspects of their training and support. — Mark Clutton 


Deborah Hill, HypnotherapistPaul and Karen operate their business with sincerity and integrity. They are professional, warm, embracing, fun and brave individuals with a wealth of shared training, education and therapeutic experience. They are notably committed to the integrity of the Hypnotherapy profession and this commitment is effectively applied to their students to ensure a high standard of delivery. At all times, they are professional, reliable, supportive, encouraging and, where appropriate, gently challenging. Their training incorporates a highly effective blend of theory and practice. — Deborah Hill 

Bill Noon, HypnotherapistKaren delivered a first class level of Hypnotherapy training based on solid first hand experience and academic qualifications. Karen has the ability to deliver the training personally to you at your level and is so calm and controlled that your confidence is inspired. After training and setting up my own practice I was fortunate enough to attend supervision sessions with Karen. The sessions provided a real opportunity to evaluate my own performance and issues with someone who understands the everyday work of a hypnotherapist. Karen was always good at provoking your own ability to reason out problems and understanding how to deliver the best you could for your client. — Bill Noon

Diana Hayes, HypnotherapistI finished my course with Karen Bartle and Paul Peace in 2012.  It was the best thing i ever did. Course was amazing. […] Their teaching methods are excellent, I learned so much! […] Training was set up in the way that we as students would get a lot of practice. By the end of it I had all the tools necessary to go out there and help people with their issues. And to build my own practice, which i did and see people on the regular basis. I loved that course, couldn't wait till the next weekend, full of fun study amongst amazing like minded people. By the end of it, i come out as knowledgeable and confident therapist, ready for any case, even a complicated one.  And I had lots of fun along the way :). […] This course also transformed my life personally, while doing the training, because as student you are on the receiving side of the hypnosis as well... — Diana Hayes

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Fast Track Diploma — social media testimonials

Keith Baddeley, Clinical LeadAs a counsellor and psychotherapist I was interested in developing my practice by adding hypnotherapy as a key skill. […] I found the training to be excellently delivered, and as an experienced practitioner myself it was really satisfying to be working with someone who I realised really knew their stuff. Karen was also available to help outside of course hours with my course work. My colleagues were similarly impressed. I subsequently used Karen for supervision of my hypnotherapy practice and was extremely happy with her support, professionalism and expertise. — Keith Baddeley, Clinical Lead

Sue Harper, Counsellor, PsychotherapistKaren is an excellent tutor and therapist. She delivers training in an extremely engaging and thoughtful manner making all the materials interesting and accessible. The pace and delivery of the Diploma was well thought out and made learning almost an unconscious process. The supporting materials given were incredibly informative and generous. — Sue Harper, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

David Hirst, Cognitive Behaviour TherapistKaren provided an extensive period of training and supervision related to career and personal development. Her training was of a high standard and provided support and assistance along the way. Her level of professionalism is of the highest integrity, meeting trainees at their level of need. As result of attending her training, I have developed considerably in my field of employment, both at a knowledge and confidence level. I would readily recommend Karen's services to anyone seeking further career development and education. — David Hirst, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Amanda Goss, Psychotherapeutic PractitionerI was very fortunate to have been trained in Hypnotherapy and NLP by Karen and Paul […]. I found the training very informative and the work was well paced to accommodate us all. I felt that they were both very approachable and supportive especially afterwards when I began using my new skills in my practice. I really valued the breadth of knowledge that they shared between them and this was included in the written course material. […] They are both very professional and most importantly bring humour into the training field, an aspect I feel is important. — Amanda Goss, Psychotherapeutic Practitioner

Helen Rathore, Consultant Clinical PsychologistI did the Fast Track Hypnotherapy training with Karen at AAC in the UK in 2011. The course was very good, giving an excellent grounding in the theory, techniques and safe practice of hypnotherapy and resulted in a hypnotherapy qualification that enabled registration with 2 UK hypnotherapy associations. The training was interesting, well presented, relevant and informative with plenty of appropriate practical sessions. I would definitely recommend Karen as a hypnotherapy trainer. I also had some case supervision with Karen during the course and found her to be a good supervisor and very easy to get on with. — Helen Rathore, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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"I found the tutors really approachable, knowledgeable and able to use the group process to get us supporting and encouraging each other in a learning environment. I like the materials, the experiential element and the use of stories and humour."

"I really liked the opportunity to practice as much as possible in an atmosphere of genuine positive regard and sharing. The tutors were excellent and provided a depth and breadth of training that certainly covered the unique aspects of hypnotherapy theory and practice moreover, sharing their unique insights as practitioners. It is rare to find training of this kind and I fully intend to utilise it for the benefit of my clients. I am sincerely fortunate to have been trained by two individuals who brought hypnotherapy to me with warmth understanding of the human condition, conscious and unconscious. I would certainly recommend this training to anyone wishing to enhance their practice."

"You and Karen have given me an absolutely excellent grounding in hypnotherapy and a real enthusiasm for the profession and I'll be happy to recommend your course to anyone I meet who shows an interest in training."

"Great group of people! Really glad I chose this course. Karen and Paul are really nice and extremely knowledgeable, their delivery of course content is extremely good – very efficient."

"Thank you; what wonderful pictures to remind us of a fantastic course - it truly was the best ever course I have done since starting nursing, counselling etc in 1973 ......are you sure you didn't install that thought Paul?! I would just like to say a big thank you to you both for such a fantastic time!"

"I feel very comfortable with both tutors and other members of the group. The organisation and structure is excellent."

"Really liked the interactive teaching style."

"The focus on practical work is doing wonders for my confidence."

"I really like the thought and organisation that has gone into this course, the wealth of detail, the accessibility of information, and the dedication of the tutors."

"Such a shame that I have come to hypnotherapy reasonably late in life - wish I'd taken this training course 10 years ago."

"You are good tutors, patient and very approachable. Thank you very much."

"Great balance between theory and practice. The course has been good fun as well as hard work. You have some great techniques to get everyone involved, and the feedback on homework has always been encouraging."

"I really like the humour, plenty of practicals, encouragement from tutors to keep practising with clients and being encouraged by tutors to work outside my comfort zone."

"I feel very proud of my certificate as I know I have worked really hard. You have given me the knowledge to help others and I know you have high standards, therefore I know my homework has also been of the highest standard."

"I liked Karen's ease when teaching and the thorough ways we covered aspects of training. I loved the experiential part of the training and am grateful for feeling refreshed after experiences. Thanks Karen for your joyful, gentle, professional approach."

"I really liked the tutors, in particular, their professionalism and approachability."

"An excellently conceived and delivered course of study. I will recommend highly."

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