Fast Track Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

A 9 day accredited hypnotherapy course in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne that credits prior learning and clinical skills that qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses would already be expected to have (hence the relatively short training required). Also suitable for qualified hypnotherapists as a refresher course.

Applicants will already have a sound knowledge of the presenting issues they routinely work with. We will only explore the unique aspects of hypnotherapy. Applicants will already understand concepts common to counselling, psychotherapy and psychology, such as empathy, rapport, ethics and reflective practice, for example, and they simply want to add hypnotherapy to their skill set rather than cover all these topics again.

Perhaps you are looking for new tools for stuck clients, to create a 'safe place' before interventions, an extra income stream in private practice, or you're simply fascinated by the subject of hypnotherapy!

Our hypnotherapy course assumes no prior knowledge and gives you everything you need to work with the public as a competent, ethical and successful hypnotherapist, bringing about effective, lasting change in your clients.

The course writers and trainers are Paul Peace, PhD (psychology), and Karen Bartle, MSc Health Psychology, both experienced hypnotherapists, trainers and supervisors. Both are well-respected in their field for bringing a high quality training and respect for clients to an unregulated field that is often associated with stage hypnotists and domineering media personalities. You will be trained by one or both tutors.

The course is approved by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, the International Hypnosis Association, and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council who run the UK's largest hypnotherapy register (the 'General Hypnotherapy Register') which has over 3,000 members, UK, Australia and International.

The course includes lots of practical hypnotherapy training, emphasising being able to do hypnotherapy rather than simply know about it.

Small groups ensure you have lots of individual attention.

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Course materials include: a thoughtfully crafted and substantial course manual, video training materials, and many other useful materials. These things will support you and extend your learning long after qualification.

Our investment in you also includes fast turnaround on homework and feedback on individual homework questions rather than generic feedback on a whole module. We're genuine and passionate about standards. We encourage you to make use of our supervision of your real-world practice.

Aftercare: we encourage all of our students to keep in touch after the course. You can do this informally, or formally by taking up supervision with us (Approved Hypnotherapy Supervision with the Australian Hypnotherapist's Association and the General Hypnotherapy Register). We hold regular supervision and practice groups that everyone is invited to after qualifying to keep in touch, share experiences, help each other with ideas for helping clients, etc.

We also run short hypnotherapy courses for continuing professional development and an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy if you wish to study to a higher level.

We have attracted students from a very wide variety of backgrounds, including psychotherapists of many persuasions (e.g., CBT, ACT, Psychodynamic, Integrative, EMDR, etc), clinical, educational and counselling psychologists, and myriad counselling modalities. We will help you to integrate hypnotherapy into your existing framework either on training or individually through supervision. Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully flexible tool and we teach it at an inclusive level. You can even do much of what you currently do while your client is in trance.

Dates and locations

To view the next available course dates, please select your preferred city using 'Cities & Dates' on the main menu.


Total fees are $3500. If you are accepted onto the course, a deposit of $500 is payable to secure your place. Subsequent payments are $1000 prior to each of the 3 modules.

Many students are funded by their employers, charities and private organisations. In this scenario, depending in circumstances, we may require a personal deposit and we will refund this to you upon receipt of the full fee from the funding organisation.

The fee includes class-based learning, home learning materials, assessment and certification. There are no hidden fees. Of course, you need to budget for any accommodation if required, travel, food and books. Supervision is held as a group as part of the course, and in private or groups over the phone/Skype, so there are no further fees to pay for supervision during the course. Insurance may be required if you're not covered for hypnotherapy. Standalone insurance can be obtained if necessary.

All terms and conditions, including refund policy, are to be found in the prospectus (please download at the bottom of this page).

We offer a full money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, and decide to leave, and you inform us by telephone (or voicemail) by 7pm on Day 2 of training, we will refund all fees paid, including your deposit.

Summary of benefits of training with us

  • Approved by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council/GHR, UK/International.
  • Train fast without compromising knowledge, skills and quality, with credit for prior learning, and focusing on the unique aspects of hypnotherapy without unnecessary repetition of, say, core therapeutic skills.
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers and course writers, trained to post-graduate level in Psychology.
  • Trainers and homework markers are experienced hypnotherapists and you can have complete confidence.
  • Money-back guarantee. See prospectus for details (download at the bottom of this page).
  • A lovingly crafted, engaging manual.
  • No dry, boring PowerPoint lectures - we promise!
  • An emphasis on practical know-how; not just theory.
  • Small groups with plenty of individual attention.
  • A supportive environment: a friendly & approachable trainer during training plus email and telephone support between training days.
  • We are open to feedback and continually strive to improve our courses.
  • After training we continue to support you through supervision groups and courses.
  • The Fast Track Hypnotherapy course is held on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


Keith Baddeley, Clinical LeadAs a counsellor and psychotherapist I was interested in developing my practice by adding hypnotherapy as a key skill. […] I found the training to be excellently delivered, and as an experienced practitioner myself it was really satisfying to be working with someone who I realised really knew their stuff. Karen was also available to help outside of course hours with my course work. My colleagues were similarly impressed. I subsequently used Karen for supervision of my hypnotherapy practice and was extremely happy with her support, professionalism and expertise. — Keith Baddeley, Clinical Lead

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